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Why is My AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

Is your AC giving you grief? If yours isn’t blowing cold air into your room, that indicates a problem. Read on to learn more about common AC problems and their solutions. That way, you’d at least have an idea about what’s wrong when you make an appointment with an AC repair service.

Leaking Refrigerant

The refrigerant may be broken if your AC doesn’t blow cold air into your room. It could also be caused by low refrigerant levels. Find out what’s causing the problem by hiring service technicians for air conditioning in Loveland, CO.

Dirty or Clogged Filter

How long has it been since you replaced or cleaned the filter in your air conditioning system? If you can’t remember, that means that replacement is long overdue. Look for pros to install or replace your air filter. A skilled AC technician in Loveland, CO, can make that happen.

Blocked or Clogged Registers

The air filters aren’t the only likely cause of the problem. You may also have clogged or blocked registers or vents. If there’s a problem with the vent, that’s another factor to consider.

Thermostat Problem

Don’t forget to check your thermostat. Try replacing the batteries. Did that work? If it doesn’t, the problem will require tools, expertise, and knowledge. Leave it up to the repair technician to determine the cause.

Zero Maintenance

If you don’t have your AC system serviced regularly, it won’t last you for long. A poorly maintained air conditioning system could be one of the reasons for your unit’s poor performance. You could sign up for a maintenance plan to turn things around. Find out if that’s still possible.

Condenser Unit Trouble

Your AC’s outdoor condenser unit may be malfunctioning. That could be one of the many reasons for your AC’s poor airflow. A clogged condenser can easily stand in the way. If you want your air conditioning system to work, reach out to a repair technician. Get them started on fixing your unit’s condenser problems. The sooner repair technicians fix the problem, the sooner you can get your AC system back up and running.

Outdated Air Conditioning

How old is your AC system? If it’s older than a decade or so, it may already be outdated. The poor airflow is a sure indication that the unit isn’t performing optimally. If the replacement parts and repairs are much too expensive, it makes better financial sense to buy and have a new AC installed.

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