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Small problems can turn into bigger issues in the future. If you don’t want to get sky-high repair bills for your air conditioning system, you’ll want to make sure you hire pros for maintenance, repairs, and installation services. For trustworthy assistance, get in touch with us. At Christopher’s Heating and Cooling, we offer the services you need while giving you peace of mind.

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Our team provides air conditioning service in Windsor, CO. We also service areas of Greeley, CO, and Loveland, CO. If you are anywhere in these areas or nearby, call us. We can determine whether you’re close enough for us to take in your service request and send you a quote.


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Our team works with several brands and models. We aren’t limited to one brand, which puts us in an excellent position to perform repairs, maintenance checks, and installation. Our technicians are experienced in carrying out air conditioning repair service in Greeley, CO. If you start seeing any signs that your unit isn’t working as efficiently as it should, reach out to us. With our licensed technicians and our experience in the industry, we’ll make sure your air conditioning system is back on track as soon as possible.

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Problems with your AC system can lead to expensive repairs. You can prevent many of these costly repairs through routine maintenance. You won’t have to worry about premature repairs eating a hole in your budget. Our team can do regular system checks and spot potential problems. We can eliminate those issues before they turn into a huge headache. If you want cost-saving solutions, start by hiring our team for air conditioning maintenance in Loveland, CO. With regular maintenance, you can rely on your system to ensure your home or commercial property is comfortable.

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Emergency Repair Service You Need

AC systems don’t fail without warning. However, if you’ve been too busy to pay attention to any of the signs, you may come home and find your AC system down with problems. Some of these issues may be easy enough to fix. But some may also be dangerous. The best way to deal with that situation is to let pros handle it for you. Call us for emergency repair assistance. We have the knowledge, skills, and tools to get the job done as safely, quickly, and efficiently as possible.


Air conditioning systems have a number of potential problems, including blowing hot air, not cooling efficiently, and not turning on and running enough.

Your air conditioning unit may no longer be functional, or you may have a system that requires extensive repairs to get it back up and working properly. If your system is more than 20 years old, or it’s making strange noises, consider the value of upgrading.

Have it inspected and professionally maintained every year, especially before the hot summer temperatures. This inspection should be performed by an air conditioning repair technician.

Most often, you will need an AC replacement if it becomes too expensive to repair the current model or you need to make AC repairs to it frequently. If it no longer keeps your home at a comfortable temperature, consider hiring licensed professionals to replace it.

For peace of mind, follow the instructions of the manufacturer for this.

Air conditioners that run on a constant basis are likely to wear down sooner. Giving them a break or raising the temperature can reduce this risk. Regular maintenance is also a way to ensure a long life on your unit.

To be more energy efficient, run the unit several degrees warmer, and be sure to keep the air filters cleaned for optimal use.

During air conditioning servicing, a full visual inspection of the system is complete. It is then properly cleaned, filters replaced, and any maintenance tasks are handled.

Be sure to have a professional inspect your air conditioner at least one time every year.

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