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In the U.S., 67 percent of Americans see a rise in extreme weather, boosted by climate change. That means more dangerous effects from heat waves and high temperatures, with more frequent droughts in summer or storms, flooding, and snow as well as frigid weather in winter. One way to make sure your family is prepared for all that is to get your furnace checked to makes sure it’s ready. At Christopher’s Heating and Cooling, we provide services that keep your furnace in working condition.

What We Can Do for You

We offer furnace services in Windsor, CO, Greeley, CO, and Loveland CO. Our team provides repair, maintenance, and installation assistance. If you need help with your furnace, give us a call. With years of experience in the business, we have a tried-and-tested workflow process that ensures efficient results. Our tools and equipment also help us get the work done safely.


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What You Can Expect from Us

Our technicians aren’t limited to doing repairs for a single brand or unit. That means we have extensive experience in handling various models and brands. If you require furnace repair in Greeley, CO, talk to us. With our knowledge in repairing furnace systems that belong to different brands, you won’t have to worry about letting technicians with zero-knowledge work on yours.

How Do We Get Started?

We provide repairs and furnace maintenance in Loveland, CO. We’ll inspect your furnace and assess the extent of the damage before we provide you with a quote. We don’t automatically give quotes unless we’ve seen your furnace and looked at the problem to ensure we make a fair assessment. We are also transparent about our charges. Reach out to us to learn more about how much we charge for our services, what your budget is, and what it can cover. If you have any special service requests, let us know, too.
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Why Hire Us for Your Furnace Needs

You can trust us to fix and maintain. If yours is already beyond repair, we can handle the installation for you, too. By hiring our team, you won’t have to worry about installation mistakes that could lead to long-term inefficiencies and problems. We also provide emergency services. We understand that accidents and issues with your furnace can happen with little to no warning. It’s also possible that you missed the signs. Combine that with the dangerous effects of severe weather conditions from climate change, and you have more than enough reasons to keep your furnace in top-notch condition. Let us help with that. Call us.

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