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Residential and business owners throughout Greeley, CO, know they can count on Christopher’s Heating and Cooling experts for all their heating service needs. This includes the installation of new furnaces and heating systems, as well as the maintenance and repair of existing systems.


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Heating Installation

Choosing the right size and type of heating system for a home or business is always a critical first step. Over or undersized units will experience problems with maintaining a comfortable temperature in the space, and they can have premature wear and tear that leads to early system failure.

At Christopher’s Heating and Cooling, we can recommend several different brands of heating systems, allowing our customers to choose the right option for their needs. We install heat pumps, central heating, and a variety of furnace types.

Annual Heating Maintenance

Schedule an annual heating maintenance appointment with one of Christopher’s Heating and Cooling’s professional service technicians to help prevent a system failure when you need heat the most. These annual checkups also help home and business owners save money and plan for eventual system replacement.

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Repairs and Emergency Heating Service

If you are having furnace issues or heating system problems, all Christopher’s Heating and Cooling. We offer emergency heating service 24/7, so you and your family never have to go without heat. Our highly experienced HVAC technicians will ask a few questions to ensure we have the parts and components needed to get your home warm and comfortable as quickly as possible.

We take pride in being a reliable service when needed. To schedule an appointment or to reach out for any questions about our heating service near me, please call us at 970-482-7520.

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