Water Heater Maintenance Loveland CO

Preventive Maintenance Tips for Hot Water Heater in Loveland, CO

Keep your water heater running without any problems. Here are tips to help you maintain your heating system so you can save on replacement costs. With these tips, your water heater can last for years.

Hire Maintenance Pros

Make sure your hot water heater in Loveland, CO, is regularly serviced. Hire pros to maintain your system and perform routine checks and tune-ups. That will nip problems in the bud and prevent issues from getting out of hand.

Ensure Timely Repairs

Can you tell if there are problems with your water heater? Are you familiar with the signs? Call for a water heater service in Loveland, CO, as soon as you see the signs. Waiting too long or putting off repairs will only lead to worse problems. If you find an issue, get pros to fix it right away.

Insulate the Heater

Insulate the pipes to reduce heat loss. That saves you money. In addition, it extends the service life of your water heater. You can go with a DIY approach and wrap foam pipe insulation around your pipes before you connect them to the hot water tank.

Flush Yearly

Get the sediments out. That will keep your water heater working without a hitch. There are likely calcium and sediment buildups in your water tanks. Flushing the tank even once a year gets those sediments out of the system, so they don’t damage the inner walls of your heater. That’s another way to extend the service life of the heater.

Replace Air Filters

A clogged air filter in your home AC can compromise the quality of your indoor air. It also leads to poor airflow. If it’s cold in your home, that affects the condition of the pipes, so your water heating system will take longer to work. Eliminate the problem by having a new air filter installed.

Clear the Area

Make sure the heater isn’t surrounded by clutter, gadgets, or furniture. It must always maintain a 2-feet clearance surrounding it. That helps the unit take in more air.

Fix the Setting

If you’re spending a few days on vacation, make sure you pick the right setting for your AC. If you’re leaving town, switch the machine or system to vacation mode. Don’t leave your AC on while you’re not there, even if it’s only on low. You can always program the thermostat to turn on when you’re an hour away from getting home.

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