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Is It Necessary To Service AC Yearly?

Air conditioners are an essential part of every home. These appliances help maintain comfortable temperatures year-round. They work hard, and just like every appliance, they are prone to wear and tear. To prevent premature breakdowns, regular servicing is a necessity; however, how often should you service your AC?

When should you service your Air conditioning unit?

Most HVAC professionals recommend yearly servicing, especially during spring. The weather is warm enough to run your AC without causing too much discomfort. Regular maintenance ensures delicate parts such as the coils and filters are working as they should.

Do not schedule servicing during winter or summer. These are the two times you need your sc the most. Servicing in winter is not recommended as it’s too cold to perform proper maintenance. Additionally, the oil in the AC unit can freeze up, making it inherently harder to ensure your unit is working well. Summer is often the busiest time for HVAC professionals, as most people require repairs or servicing. To beat this rush, don’t schedule your servicing in the summer.

Benefits of yearly maintenance

Regular servicing of your air conditioning unit in Windsor, CO offers the following benefits:

Fewer unexpected repairs since the frequent tune-up can prevent breakdowns.

Your unit runs more efficiently and uses less electricity to produce desired results which can positively impact your utility bills.

You are more comfortable throughout the year despite the season. With a single yearly servicing schedule, your unit can maintain proper temperature throughout the home without creating hot or cold spots.

You maintain your warranty since many manufacturers often void warranties if regular servicing isn’t performed by a professional. These warranties can save you lots of money in case you need repairs or to keep your parts renewed for as long as possible.

You lengthen the lifespan of your AC unit and the intervals between replacements.

Signs you need to get your AC serviced

AC servicing can help identify small issues that could develop into bigger problems later on. Here are a few signs that you need to service your AC unit.

  1. The thermostat is not working
  2. The unit is blowing warm air
  3. Little to no air is blowing from the vents
  4. Strange odors are coming from your unit
  5. Your AC is making loud noises
  6. You are finding water or freon leaks around your AC

If you notice any of these signs, contact an HVAC professional immediately.

Regular servicing of your air conditioning unit ensures you get the best from it. If you have a newer unit, you can get away with servicing it every two years but remember, the longer you wait, the less effective it will work. If you are in Windsor, CO, make sure to contact HVAC professionals if you need your AC serviced.

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