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What Are The Different Types Of Furnaces?

Furnaces are the backbone of your home’s heating system. As a central component of your HVAC system, it generates heat by combusting a fuel source and transmitting the heat to different areas in the house. Furnaces are installed to provide heat to your home, either as warm air, steam, or hot water. Modern furnaces are available in a variety of types and sizes in Greeley, CO. Here’s a look at some of them.

Natural gas furnaces

These are the oldest and most common types of furnaces you will find. They use a gaseous mixture of carbon and hydrogen as a fuel source. They are very sturdy and don’t wear out quickly, which means fewer maintenance costs. They can last up to 25 years with proper care. Since they use natural gas, they can cut your electricity costs while generating enough heat for your needs.

Oil furnaces

These use oil as their fuel source and are also pretty robust. Since you need oil to run the furnace, you need to have a stash of oil close so you can refill the tank regularly. Their maintenance is fairly easy but beware of the soot and dirt build-up, which can lead to breakdown requiring furnace repairs. When properly serviced, they can last for nearly 30 years.

Electric furnaces

These run on electricity and are quite popular since they don’t use gas. That said, they are more costly to operate than the first two types, but the benefits they offer outweigh this drawback. These furnaces consist of a cabinet with a heating coil and blower motor. When current runs through the heating coils, they become hot, producing the heart needed.

Propane furnaces

This furnace is powered by propane. The liquid propane is converted into gas, and it transfers heat to a heat exchanger. This model is quite popular in homes since it is safe, economical, and doesn’t require a gas line.

Wood-burning furnaces

These furnaces are great for places where firewood is locally available. They consist of a metallic firebox lined with firebrick and an air control system. As the wood burns, the heat is transmitted through the ducts to the rest of the house. While they are easy to work, they can be limited, especially since you need to be close to the furnace to keep feeding in firewood.

No matter what type of furnace you have, contact an HVAC professional for furnace repairs if it breaks down or isn’t working as intended. If you are in Greeley, CO, you can contact Christophers and get the best service available.

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