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Services Offered

  • Furnace and air conditioning service, repair and installation
  • Water heater service, repair and installation
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Indoor air quality product service, repair and installation
  • Smart home equipment


Our technicians are experienced and qualified to install any brand, make or model of furnace or air air conditioning system. We are not locked into one brand like other companies.  


Not only will we keep everything running at full capacity but we will offer insight on what you can do to keep your units maintained and working efficiently between visits.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Avoid common household allergens with a scheduled duct cleaning, filter replacements, and the newest IAQ technology.


Buying or Selling Your Home?

Christopher's Heating technicians are highly trained and skilled to perform furnace certifications on all brands, makes and models of furnaces. 

Our technicians are top rated and trained by the Nationally Recognized, Heat Exchanger Experts. 

You can be assured that the inspection of your HVAC equipment will be completed thoroughly and accurately.


Air Duct Cleaning

Christopher's Heating can easily remove the following 

from your air duct system:

· Allergens

· Pet dander

· Dust mites

· Insect remains

· Dead skin cells and dust


· Molds, mildew, fungi 

and bacteria

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Schedule a FREE No Pressure Estimate


Feel free to contact our office and we can answer any questions you have about repair, maintenance or service on your HVAC equipment.


Schedule a FREE No Pressure Estimate

Schedule a FREE No Pressure Estimate

Schedule a FREE No Pressure Estimate


Wanting to upgrade your system? Maybe you already know you need a new furnace or air conditioning system, no problem! Give us a call and we will come out and give you a FREE, no pressure estimate.