Maintaining Your Water Heater

New models of water heaters require very little routine maintenance. However, a small amount of yearly maintenance can help extend the life of the tank-style water heater. If you have already opted for a tankless water heater, talk to your water heater service provider before doing anything with the system.

Homeowners in and around Windsor, CO, should expect a new tank-style water heater to last for 10 to 15 years with basic maintenance. Ideally, starting the maintenance in the first year is the best option to detect any early problems and to ensure the water tank is functioning correctly.

Pressure-Relief Valve

The pressure-relief valve is a small valve that is located close to the bottom of the tank. It is typically attached to a brass fitting, and there may be a copper discharge pipe attached.

Place a bucket under the discharge pipe and lift the valve. There should be a release of water from the valve. This is important as the valve is there to release excess pressure should it develop in the tank.

Use the Drain

A very important part of water heater service and maintenance is draining a few gallons out of the tank to remove any type of sediment buildup in the tank. This is done by unscrewing the drain valve, which is found at the bottom of the tank. Allow the water to flow into a pail until it runs clear with no sediment.

This is particularly important if you live in a rural area around Windsor, CO. If you notice any signs of rust, water leaks, or any valve problems, call on Christopher’s Heating and Cooling, your local water heater service. We are easy to reach at 970-482-7520.